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FIFA 18 - It's The World's Game

A recently released details on the upcoming FIFA 18 game, and it looks stunning ! EA Sports has been on an impressive run with FIFA over the past few iterations. FIFA 18 isn’t a huge overhaul, but the various tweaks and additions make a game of football that’s much more realistic, fluid and very enjoyable. FIFA 18 is likely to be one of the biggest-selling games of 2017, with EA Sports’ franchise always likely to top the charts when it arrives.

FIFA 18 Ronaldo Edition

The switch to the Frostbite engine last year was huge, giving the series a dramatic facelift. But, as with the move to any new engine, there were some quirks with odd player reactions and blank faces. There are countless funny blooper videos all over YouTube. Thankfully FIFA 18 is the year when the Frostbite engine really comes into its own, and this game looks absolutely stunning for it.


Stunning visuals are nothing without strong gameplay, and thankfully FIFA 18 offers probably the best game of football on a console. The biggest jump this year is in player movement, and this is due to a new Motion Technology System. That’s just fancy marketing speak, but you’ll notice the change as soon as you start playing. EA told me players used to have one single animation for every movement – a complete step-over, for example – but now they have a different animation for every single frame.

The Journey gets a second chapter

The sequel to this unorthodox career mode exhibits lots of familiar elements. Popular characters such as Hunter’s mum, granddad and agent all return and there are plenty of dialogue choices (for instance, Hunter stubbornly telling his coach “this is my club” when he’s booed warming up on the touchline) which involve you in the world but appear to have little tangible effect.


Prior insists, however, that those decisions will sway the story in meaningful way this time around, teasing the possibility of taking Hunter to the US or Brazil as you explore the wider world of football. If you played last year then you’ll pick up at the club where you left off, with numerous customisation options among the most intriguing new features – from training wear to Hunter’s hairstyle.

As expected, FIFA 18 will be released worldwide for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, PS3 and Xbox 360 on September 29.

EA has said that fans who pre-order the Ronaldo Edition of the game on PlayStation 4, Xbox One or PC will be able access it three days early and will receive additional content including 20 jumbo premium gold packs, eight special edition FIFA Ultimate Team kits designed by artists on the FIFA 18 soundtrack and a Cristiano Ronaldo loan player for five FUT matches.

EA Access and Origin Access members will also get early access with up to 10 hours of play time starting Thursday, September 21 as part of their first play trial. 

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