PES 6 Phoenix Patch Season 2010/2011

PES 6 Phoneix Patch

PES 6 Phoneix Patch Season 2010/2011

Pro Evolution Soccer 6 (also known as World Soccer: Winning Eleven 10 and World Soccer: Winning Eleven X for Xbox 360 in Japan and South Korea, Winning Eleven: Pro Evolution Soccer 2007 in the United States) is a video game developed and published by Konami. Released in 2006 for the PlayStation 2, Xbox 360, and PC platforms and following on the Nintendo DS and PlayStation Portable afterward, Pro Evolution Soccer 6 is the 6th edition of the Pro Evolution Soccer series for the PlayStation 2, 2nd for the PlayStation Portable and 4th for PC.

Pro Evolution Soccer 6 enters the display of 2006/2007 with up-to-date exchange of club and national players. Some new clubs were brought to their proper names (such as Manchester United instead of Man Red), while others have lose it (such as Chelsea which is now once again London FC). However, despite the names, players are correct as Chelsea does have Ballack and Schevchenko, Real Madrid now has Van Nistelrooy which was in Manchester United and so on.

Controls are the same, but moves and strategies have changed, as they tend to do from game to game. Fouls are not as easygoing as in previous game, but players turning is now too slow unless you know how to do it properly. Moves are much more realistic and goal keepers don't catch every ball with an ease, even easy one can sometimes slip by. That said, it all makes one step closer to reality, while it loses the reality factor on some other sides. Cameras are typical broadcast, tower, and bird-perspective, and cups, league and master league are still included.

Patch Info :

This is the old version of PES 6 Phoenix Patch.  The patch is called PES 6 PHOENIX because for PES 6 Phoenix Team it´s the renaissance of PES 6. This is the first release of PES 6 Phoneix, so if you want some nostalgia, you can use this patch 😀

Installation :

Install Pro Evoltion Soccer 6 in english. Below you'll find all patch versions & following information:
  • Patch version
  • Team members
  • Files included in this version (AFS Files, Other Files & Folders)
  • Download link
Clicking on download button will redirect you to a folder, where you'll find all needed files. Download and extract all files - 7-Zip is recommended. Browse to the folder where you have installed PES6 (usually "[YourDrive]:\Program Files\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 6") and import:
  • PES6.exe
  • kitserver
Go to kitserver and run setup.exe ("...\Pro Evolution Soccer 6\kitserver\setup.exe") to install kitserver to PES6.exe. If "Install"-button is gray (button can´t be pressed) kitserver is already installed. Next browse to dat-folder ("...\Pro Evolution Soccer 6\dat") and replace following files for those you have downloaded ("opmov" isn't included in all versions and can be deleted):
  • 0_sound.afs
  • 0_text.afs
  • e_sound.afs
  • e_text.afs
  • opmov
Now go to GDB-folder inside kitserver ("...\Pro Evolution Soccer 6\kitserver\GDB") and replace following folder for those you have downloaded ("stadiums" isn't included in all versions):
  • balls
  • boots
  • faces
  • hair
  • stadiums
  • uni
Only thing left to do is setting up option file. Go to "[YourDrive]:\Users\[YourName]\Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 6\save\folder1" (on older systems like Windows XP this path is different | maybe you have to run PES6 before for this folder to be created) and import:
Start the game & enjoy your P6P/PESP! All credit goes to PES 6 PHOENIX !



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