FIFA 16 FIFA Manager 17 Mod Update 2 by Chris2k13

FIFA 16 FIFA Manager 17 Mod by Chris2k13

Create more moments of magic than ever before with FIFA 16. Make every match memorable with increased control in Midfield, improved defensive moves, more stars, and a new way to play.

Mod Info :

FIFA Manager 17 is a mod that makes FIFA 16 more like a manager game. Created and based on manager games like football manger. The makes FIFA career mode more realistic and hardcore like manager games.

In this mod you will have to strategies on players you bring in. Player Values and player contracts have had a major overhaul with many contributing factors,like players current team, players age and potential. 

In this mod its more realistic to real life, from now on you can not just go around buying all the best players in the world and all the future prospects, unless you can afford a hefty fee. FIFA career mode is now a manager mode so you have to think before you buy. This mod has massive effect on the AI teams aswell so you will see smarter transfers by the AI !

FIFA Manager 17 Mod :

ModdingWay Compatible
Vanilla Compatible
Compatible withmost mods
No DB Changes
Uses ModdingWayInstaller
Save Game compatible with Careers (best for new)

Features :

Better Transfer Activity
Reduced Player Retirements
More Player Contract Renewals
More Expensive Players
Less Superstar Transfer Movements
Smarter AI
Realistic Player Values
Realistic Player Wages
Realistic Top Team Effects
Realistic Low Team Effects
Improved AI Activity
Increased Transfer Competition
Changed Player training so you can auto it (same results no matter the grade) 

There is a huge amount of changes this mod does but its easier to just enjoy and experience  than for me to post every little change here what would take me a long time.

Changelog 2.0 :

- Older players value bit cheaper with update 2
- Older players wages reduced and offered wage
- Fixed and improved contact expiry and expiring contracts value
- Added realistic Player Training, now you can simulate all training so no matter what grade you get its all the same and made the growth less so its realistic. 
- GK cheaper (they were really high because i believe a GK is the most important player in a team or one of and there are far less GK than any other players, i made them a bit cheaper now)
- Older players are cheaper (Made older players a bit cheaper, but should still be not to cheap because a lot of old players have very short contracts so you can pick most old players for next to nothing if they are close to contrat expiry)
- Players in the 70 rating range a bit cheaper (cant make to cheap because this is the rating of lots of young potential players and buying players who will be big star players for cheap would be to unrealistic)

- Plus some minor tweaks added but nothing massive.


1. Add all files inside your FIFA16 folder \Origin Games\FIFA 16\
2. Launch ModdingWayInstaller
3.  Done!

NOTE [ Important ] :

- Here's a little note about the author of this mod, if you do LOVE what he's done, you can donate to his official account below !

Donations : I have spent a huge amount of time making this mod for free. If you would like to give back to me and say thanks you can donate here 

The more donations the more likely i can support and afford to keep this mod updated and improved
and implement suggestions and feedback into the mod

Thank You and Enjoy this mod Chris2k13



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