PES 2017 Chants Update v4 (14-07-17) by Predator002


PES 2017 Chants Update by Predator002

Football not only live 90 minutes, but he can penetrate the life of his fans beyond that time. There is always a discussion after and before the game. A football chant or terrace chant is a song or chant sung at association football matches. They can be historic, dating back to the formation of the club, adaptations of popular songs, plagiarised, a mock of the originals, spontaneous reactions to events on the pitch.

Within a week, some print and electronic media can present articles and news about football from matches to out-of-game events that are still related to football. Chats in the bars that provide liquor to the roadside coffee shop happen from some visitors who love football. More than that, football becomes a part of life for people who love her very much So that we have now an entire collection of supporters' football chant with sometimes really creative rhythms, and sometimes other more.

In attempting to come up with a top football chants, it is necessary to delve into the bitter exchanges that go on between clubs from different cities. Manchester United fans find it hard to end a choral joust without a derogatory reference to Liverpool.

Get more realistic atmosphere for your Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 game. This is the new chantpack for Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 made by Predator002. Probably one of the biggest chantpack for Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 Game. This mod contains more than hunderds of chantpack for more than 500 teams. You can seel all the features below. Thanks to Predator002 for making this amazing chantpack !
- 589 teams each with 8 chant slots
- 365 teams each with 4 chant slots
- 146 teams with national anthems

Important Notes:
- Yes the file is big and completely unavoidable, sorry.
- Chants will play only if a team is licensed and has correct team ID.
- National anthems will play if team has anthems enabled. (Dino editor is good way to check)
- Teams either have 4 or 8 chants. Where I couldn't find a chant (at the moment) the slot is populated with a temporary chant.
- All audio files are in HCA format and set to a volume below the commentary.
- Sound quality can differ. As I haven't played with every team please give feedback if you hear a dodgy chant and I will replace.

Installation :

- Extract 'Preds 2017 - Chants.cpk' to your PES2017 Download folder.
- Update the DpFileList.bin using DpFileList Generator by Baris.
- Done !

Team ID [ See Here ]



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