PES 2017 PS3 CFW Patch AIO DataPack 2.01 by LinkModz Season 2016/2017

PES 2017 PS3 CFW Patch AIO DataPack by LinkModz Season 2016/2017

The award winning series returns taking the famed gameplay to a new level by achieving interactive reality in both control and new authentic visuals. 

Patch Info :

Here's another patch for PES 2017 PlayStation 3. The patch is made by LinkModz. Patch works for CFW version of PlayStation 3. You can read all the features below :

Features :

- English League [Premier League]
- English League Division 2 [Sky Bet Championship]
- Spanish Liga [LALIGA Santander]
- Spanish League Division 2 [LALIGA 1 2 3]
- Italian League [Serie A TIM] Only two teams, Juventus FC, U. S Sassoulo
- Italian League Division 2 [Series B]
- Portuguese League [League NOS]
- National Teams Logos Changed

Changelog 2.01 UPDATED 15/01/2017

+ 50 balls cronos 
+ 100 BootsPack by Oxarapesedit 
+ New logo repetition 
+ updated Kits ..! 
+ Details DataPack 1.00, 2.00, 2.01 
+ Added has been edited and Bayer Munich 100% 
+ Chants for many teams like Barcelona, Real Madrid, Juventus, Etc .. !! 

  • Two Stadiums don't work well, They Go Out With Failures But Do Not Affect The Game, If Possible Do Not Use Them.
  • Master League is fine ;)
Details Archive Edition: BLES BLUS

- Renamed all unlicensed teams with their real names
- Renamed all competitions without License with their real names
- Transfers Updated for all teams


- Have PS3 CFW also known as Pirate PS3. To install this version of the patch does not need any previous versions
- Patch compatible with EUR [BLES] Versions and USA [BLUS]
- With this patch you do not need the SAVEDATA to have updated the files because it was implemented in the data base of the patch

Installation :

1. Once you have downloaded the RAR, you have to unzip it and the following files will remain:

- BLES02237_DATAPACK [Folder containing the Patch + DLC 2.00]
- EP0101-BLES02237_00-PES2017EUPATCH02-A0103-V0100-PE.pkg [Update 1.03]

2. Copy the files to the root of a USB in Fat3 which are:




3. Start multiMAN, go to the File Manager, enter "PS3 Root" and look for our USB connected, usually appears as "dev_usb000" or "dev_usb001"

And look for the folder "BLES02237_DATAPACK" we select it with "X" and then we give "O" and we give the option "COPY".

4. Look for the following path "dev_hdd0", we give "X" twice to open the directory, then look for the following folder "game" in minuscula we open the folder "game" And this is where we will paste the "BLES02237_DATAPACK" folder.

5. Enter the Recovery Mode of our PS3 and give you the option [4] Rebuild Database

6. Once you have done this we already have the patch installed in the game, now you have to update the game to the latest update for that is the following files


This is installed from


In the main menu of our PS3.

7. Then we set up the game PES2017 with multiman and we launch it and we should have our game updated with the DataPack 2.00 next to the patch LinkModz Patch.


PES 2017 PS3 CFW Patch AIO

PES 2017 PS3 CFW Patch AIO

PES 2017 PS3 CFW Patch AIO

RAR PASSWORD : LinkModzPatch


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