PES 2017 PTE Patch 2017 5.0 + Update 5.2 & Stadium Pack 2.0 Season 2016/2017

PES 2017 PTE Patch 2017

PES 2017 PTE Patch 2017

The award winning series returns taking the famed gameplay to a new level by achieving interactive reality in both control and new authentic visuals.

Patch Info : 

It's out ! The all new PTE Patch for Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 game. We all knew that a mod from PTE Patch is one of the best mod for Pro Evolution Soccer Series. If you don't have PES 2017, you can get it over here.

PTE Patch is a patch to update the game Pro Evolution Soccer 2017. The team of PTE Patch itself has released several patches, especially patches for PES 2015 & PES 2016 was quite successful. PTE Patch is also one patch for PES most stable compared to other PES patch.


- Premier League fully licensed (Team names, call-names, emblens, kits, managers, sleeve badges, official match ball)
- LaLiga Santander fully licensed  (Team names, call-names, emblens, kits, managers, sleeve badges, official match ball)
- Serie A TIM fully licensed  (Team names, call-names, emblens, kits, managers, sleeve badges, official match ball)
- Liga NOS fully licensed  (Team names, emblens, kits, managers, sleeve badges)
- SkyBET Championship fully licensed  (Team names, call-names, emblens, kits, managers, sleeve badges)
1. Bundesliga fully licensed (Squads, kits, managers, lineups and tactics)
- Updated managers for all leagues on the game based on the KONAMI Live Updates (all managers with real id, attributes and mini faces)
- Added kits for all national teams
- Correct gameplan icons and radar colors for all unlicensed teams 
- Correct logos and names for all leagues, cups & competitions on the game
- Added real fonts and numbers for all LaLiga Santander teams, EPL, EFL, Liga NOS & for CL/EL teams
- Compatible online (with real team names, emblens, kits & managers names)


Changelog 5.0 :

- All winter transfers done (imported from the live update), including for created teams (Bundesliga and Others Europe)
- 5 new teams - KAA Gent, Panathinaikos, Steaua Bucuresti, Sparta Praha & APOEL
- 2 new national teams - Indonesia & Malaysia
- Updated accessories for all Bundesliga players and for some players from other leagues
- Updated stadium names and team colors for all european and south american teams
- New kits: Leganes, Atalanta, Olympique Lyonnais, Monaco & Dortmund
- New faces added, including: Ndidi, Upamecano, Vallejo
- New boots added, including: Adidas blue blast pack leather & primeknit versions, Vapor, Opus and Phinish versions for the latest Nike pack, Under Armour Spotlight
- New balls added, including: Adidas argentum AFA 2017, Nike Ordem4 CBF, evoPower 2.1 Match Serie B
- Added nationals anthems for all default national teams
- All managers updated (based on live updates)
- Data Pack 3.0 new legends unlocked
- Latest Live Update implemented
- Compatible online (Don't forget to apply the Online Mode in the selector)
- Compatible with the latest KONAMI Data Pack

Changelog Update 5.2 :

- New/Updated kits: England, Ukraine, Brazil, USA, Braga, Estoril, Paços Ferreira, Deportivo Alavés, Monaco, Borussia MG, Hamburger, Bremen & Wolfsburg
- New faces, including: Messi (new hair), Bakkali, Kluivert, Amiri
- Includes an face pack with updated faces for some players like, Ramos, Griezmann, Carvajal, Rooney, etc (Optional)
- New Boots, including: Adidas Turbocharge Pack & Nike Motion Blur Pack - Big thanks to WENS for the amazing works
- Updated some teams tactics and lineups
- Updated accessories for some players

Changelog Stadium Pack 2.0 :

- New stadium added, Rose Park Stadium
- Fixed bugs
- Full compatible with the latest PTE Patch

Stadium Pack 2.0

- Ethiad Stadium    
- Wembley          
- Stadio Olimpico  
- Old Trafford      
- Estádio Da Luz    
- Estádio do Dragão
- Estádio Alvalade
- Allianz Arena      
- Stade de France  
- Mestalla          
- Bernabéu          
- Vicente Calderón  
- Juventus Stadium  
- King Fahd Stadium
- Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán
- Borussia Park    
- Olympiastadion Berlin
- Stadion Narodowy
- Stamford Bridge  
- Parc des Princes  
- Türk Telekom Arena
- Sükrü Saracoglu  
- O.A.K.A.        
- Signal Iduna Park 

    PES 2017 PTE Patch 2017

    PES 2017 PTE Patch 2017

    PES 2017 PTE Patch 2017

    PES 2017 PTE Patch 2017

    Note :

    - You need to install PTE Patch 5.0 AIO + Update 5.1 before installing Update 5.2 !

    RAR PASSWORD : www.pesxfifa.com

    PES 2017 PS4 DFL Option File 2017 v5.0 AIO by Cristiano92 Update 20-04-17

    PES 2017 PS4 DFL Option File 2017 by Cristiano92

    The award winning series returns taking the famed gameplay to a new level by achieving interactive reality in both control and new authentic visuals. 

    Patch Info :

    This is the new option file for PES 2017 PS4 ( PlayStation 4 ) version. This will enable Bundesliga to your Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 game.

    Features :


    Installation :

    - Drag WEPES from first folder to your USB
    - In editor go to data management, import, import teams, select all exorts and import without any box checked!
    - save and delete everything from usb
    - Drag WEPES from second folder to your USB
    - import all exports and cross "Apply Player and Squad Data"
    - save everything and your done
    - you have to import the competition logos yourself and add them, also change the name of the leagues

    I recommend the following:

    DELETE all images except Competition then do the Live Update in PES main menu and overwrite your edit data.
    Use the ALL IN ONE in my Download (drag the folder to WEPES, instructions below)
    Then import all team files (15-20 at a time, they have prefixes now)
    I think this is the safest, and cleanest way.
    If you still have “created players” after that you can delete them ALL.


    Fanpage https://www.facebook.com/dfloptionfile/

    Changelog 5.0 Update 20.04.17
      - COMPLETE new stats for Leipzig, Hoffenheim and Freiburg
      - more than 35 new player faces
      - tactics and squads as of last weekend
      - fixed some wrong names and positions


      PES 2017 PS4 DFL Option File 2017

      PES 2017 PS4 DFL Option File 2017

      PES 2017 PS4 DFL Option File 2017


      Note :

      - You need to install v5.0 AIO before applying Update 20-04-17

      - If you love what Cristiano92 did, you can donate to him via Paypal here.

      - Or support via Patreon

      PASSWORD : www.pesxfifa.com

      PES 2017 Official Live Update 27.04.2017

      PES 2017 Official Live Update

      The award winning series returns taking the famed gameplay to a new level by achieving interactive reality in both control and new authentic visuals.

      Patch Info :

      This is the live update for Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 game. Normally, you can download it from your PES 2017. But some users who can't receive live update from KONAMI can use this file.

      Unlike previous iterations of PES, in PES 2017 form will be determined by the letters A to E, where A shows the best form and E the worst.

      How to Use

      1. Extract the rar file.

      2. Put LIVE00000000 to this location

      C:\ProgramData\KONAMI \Pro Evolution Soccer 2017\save

      *ProgramData folder usually hidden, you need to unhide it first !

      3. Now, open your PES 2017 game and to activate the need to press the R3 button (it’s the right analog stick).

      RAR PASSWORD : www.pesxfifa.com


      PES 2017 Editor Alpha v0.4 by Ejogc327

      PES 2017 Editor by Ejogc327

      The new updated tool by Ejogc327 will make you easier to edit Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 game. The tool itself has 2 modes :

      - Data files: works for DT10.cpk (DT36.cpk PlayerAppearances.bin) decompressed (don't need decompress each file .bin).

      - Edit file (EDIT00000000 decrypted).

      With this tool, you can edit :

      Competition entry.
      Import/Export in CSV files: Players, Teams, PlayerAssignment.
      Global Functions.

      Homepage http://pes2017editor.blogspot.sg/

      If you love this tool, you can donate to the author. Donate here !


      Notes :

      - This tool is in English and Spanish. If you want add another language in other version, please translate the file ENG.txt and share it.

      - If you import new teams in Teams.bin, the game can't create EDIT file. You'll need create EDIT file with the new teams manually.

      - The CSV files can be separated by comma, semicolon or tabulation, but must be *.csv.

      - The CSV files must be UNICODE or UTF-8 to get special characters.

      - In EDIT mode, can't create players with any Id. It must be higher than 1048576 (0x100000).


      PES 2017 LiveCPK Sider 3.4.0 by Juce & Nesa24

      PES LiveCPK by Juce & Nesa24

      PES LiveCPK by Juce & Nesa24

      The award winning series returns taking the famed gameplay to a new level by achieving interactive reality in both control and new authentic visuals.

      Tool Info :

      This tool allows you to make small tweaks to your PES experience:

      1. You can freely select sides in competition modes - where such selection is normally restricted.
      For example: in cups, leagues, Champions League, and so for.

      2. Extend "Custom" camera sliders beyond 10.  For "Dynamic Wide" you can enable angle slider.

      3. "LiveCPK" feature makes it possible to replace game content at run-time with content from files stored on disk, instead of having to pack everything into CPK-archives. (This feature is similar to Kitserver's AFS2FS and to FileLoader for earler versions of PES).

      How to Use LiveCPK by Juce & Nesa24 :

      1. Run sider.exe, it will open a small window, which you can minimize if you want, but do not close it.

      2. Run the game. There is no need for any manual trigger action: Sider should automatically attach to the game process.

      3. If you don't see the effects of Sider in the game, check the sider.log file (in the same folder where sider.exe is) - it should contain some helpeful information on what went wrong.

      For more information Please see "readme.txt" inside the file !

      Homepage [ Juce ] : http://mapote.com

      Thread : https://www.evo-web.co.uk/threads/.77184/

      Nesa24's blog : http://nesa24game.blogspot.com

      Changelog 3.4.0 :

      - [bug-fix]: memory.write can now correctly write arbitrary binary strings (with zeros inside)
      - [new]: memory.pack and memory.unpack - for converting between Lua numbers and their binary representations
      - [new]: "close.on.exit" and "start.minimized" options in sider.ini. This is useful if you (like @Energia) use a batch file to start sider right before the game, and then when the game exists, you want sider to automatically quit also.
      - [new]: gameplay lua library: makes it simple to alter some gameplay aspects (researched for you by @nesa24) - see docs/scripting.txt, the Gameplay section - for all the details. Also included are example modules: gameplay.lua and gameplay2.lua.
      - [new]: new context field: ctx.stadium_choice and corresponding "set_stadium_choice" event. These allow for potentially more nuanced behaviour of a stadium-server in exhibition modes. (We'll need @zlac to take a look at this, and see if he can use it in his awesome StadiumServer)

      See examples of using these new features in modules/For all details: read updated documentation in docs/scripting.txt

      PES 2017 Stadium Server 1.1 for LiveCPK Sider by Zlac

      Stadium Pack

      PES 2017 Stadium Server for LiveCPK Sider by Zlac

      The all new Stadium Server for PES 2017. The tool only works with LiveCPK Sider. Please read the instruction from Master Zlac below

      Info :

      LiveCPK Sider required ( Download Here - Always Update ! ) Please, always use latest LiveCPK Sider to run this tool :)


      -  GDB-style unlimited stadium management
      - Mostly unchanged stadium packaging - entire stadium directory tree (starting with "common" folder) can be copy-pasted into one top-level folder (usually indicating stadium name)
      supported folders from the usual stadium-related cpk-tree:

      ad, audi, bill, cheer, effect, pitch, scarecrow, sky, stadium, staff, tv
      b. common\demo\fixdemo
      end, ent
      c. common\render\model\bg\hit
      bill, stadium

      IMPORTANT: db files (common\etc\...) for stadium registration are not required. DO NOT INCLUDE THOSE!!

      - Stadium assignment to individual home teams via map_teams.txt file
      - Stadium assignment to competitions via map_competitions.txt file - i.e. all teams participating in particular competition will use identical stadium

      a. IMPORTANT: by default, competition assignment always takes priority over team assignment in all modes except Exhibition mode matches but, there's a way to override that behavior for any individual competition - by slightly modifying StadiumServer.lua script itself, you can add/remove competition IDs in override_competitions table, thus defining more or less competitions where team assignment takes priority over competition assignment
      b. support for optional stadium to be used in final match only (not tested yet, hopefully it works)

      - correct stadium previews and stadium names are displayed in game menus (where available, depending on game mode) and scoreboards while in edit mode, stadium server does nothing

      Current limitations/issues:

      - adboards handling - by default, stadium server will load common\bg\model\bg\bill related files (including config.xml!!) if they exist within custom stadium files. If you'd like to use your already configured .cpk adboards packs, you can comment-out single line of code in StadiumServer.lua to disable adboards serving (see the code, it is noted where that line of code is)

      - IMPORTANT: cooperation with other .lua scripts that use "set_stadium" event - unfortunately, because of the way the stadiums are structured and handled by the game, it was necessary for StadiumServer.lua to use set_stadium event to force the game to use the exact stadium ID of the new stadium, in order to load all the files that belong to that stadium. Another approach, which would not "steal" set_stadium event (i.e. trying to override the files of any stadium that the game would like to use) did not prove successful, because stadiums simply are not file-for-file compatible, causing various artifacts when trying to replace e.g. stadium using ID 016 with custom stadium using any other ID

      - Bottom-line - if you want StadiumServer to work, you must not use any other .lua scripts that use set_stadium event to change stadium_id you can still use additional .lua scripts to modify stadium conditions (day/night, weather, summer/winter) by using newly introduced set_conditions event (see Sider 3.3.4 release notes) - just to be on the safe side of the story, place your set_conditions related scripts below StadiumServer.lua in sider.ini

      Recommended way to package stadiums that are available in .cpk files

      1. Although extracted stadium packs may work without any problems, I'd recommend to use only one stadium per folder in content\stadium-server.

      2. It is recommended to remove any files that are not directly related to stadium (especially common\etc\... files)

      How to use:

      1.Unpack the archive and copy folders 'content' and 'modules' inside your sider 3.3.4 folder
      Add lua.module = "StadiumServer.lua" near the top of the Extension modules section in sider.ini

      2. Customize map_teams.txt and map_competitions.txt files and add more stadium folders in content\stadium-server folder

      3. Please, read carefully all the comments inside map_teams.txt and map_competitions.txt files! Always use leading zeroes when writing stadium ID's!


      - @juce and @nesa24 for sider

      - Stadium master-pieces used in this demo-release: @Yucel11 "Fenerbachce Ülker Stadium" and "Türk Telekom Arena"

      Thread https://www.evo-web.co.uk/threads/77390/

      Changelog 1.1 :

      - Support for more stadium-related cpk folders - according to dt30.cpk or reported by community (tunnel entrances, many additional folders being used by stadiums in @sonofsam69 stadium pack, etc.)

      - Possibility to assign more than one stadium to a competition in map_competitions.txt - e.g. you assign 5 generic(ish) English stadiums to EPL and every EPL team that does not already have its own stadium defined in map_teams.txt would get one of these 5 stadiums, selected randomly before every match


      PES 2017 InMortal ProEvo Gameplay MOD Update R9 Updated 1.5

      ProEvo Gameplay MOD

      PES 2017 InMortal ProEvo Gameplay MOD | 52 MB

      Get a different gameplay of Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 Game with this new gameplay by InMortal. This mod is Compatible DLC 2.0.


      -Tempo Tweaks
      -Shoots power reduced
      -GK Tweaks
      -Ball Control Tweaks
      -Battle Tweaks
      -Controls Tweaks

      Update R9 (Sim Version)

      NOTE: Rename EDIT00000000 on save folder (create new) Recommended disable Live Updates.

      1.5 Game Compatibility
      1.04 / DLC 3 Comp
      Gameplay Tweaks

      RAR PASSWORD : www.pesxfifa.com


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